Emmerdale: Following Holly’s shock death, new trailer teases another victim!

Who will take their last dance?

Emmerdale viewers are in for another shock as a new haunting trailer has been released.

Just days after the sudden death of Holly Barton from an overdose,  fans will have little time to recover as the clip teases that a major character will take their “last dance”.

But who will it be?

The characters look pensive and intense in the trailer
The soap teases another unmissable week of drama

The trailer shows the villagers doing their best Strictly Come Dancing impressions such as Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) and Aaron Livesly (Danny Miller), to Dinah Washington’s What A Difference A Day Makes.

Some of the soaps favourite characters feature in the trailer, no doubt putting fans on edge
Paddy has only just returned, will it be him?

As the characters dance among the grey fog, a ghostly figure interrupts them, and everyone immediately looks upset or tense before the words “Who will take their last dance?” appear on the screen.

Fans now have a glimpse of what’s in store during an “unmissable week of groundbreaking episodes” – we can’t wait!

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As the trailer asks who will take their last dance? fans will be desperate to know the fate of their favourites
A mysterious figure is seen in the fog

The sudden passing of Holly left viewers in pieces as they were shocked by the unexpected events.

Jeff Hordley, who plays hard man Cain Dingle, has revealed that even his character gets eaten up with guilt over her death.

Speaking on Loose Women, Jeff said that Cain will feel “a lot of guilt” over Holly’s sudden demise from an apparent drugs overdose.

Jeff appeared on Loose Women

Cain is Holly’s stepdad in Emmerdale and he will battle his inner demons as he goes over what he could’ve been done to save her.

Jeff also said that he was pleased with the reaction of the episode, as he feels episodes are too publicised nowadays.

He said: “We wanted to keep it under wraps.

“It’s good that we do this now, there’s too much feeding it through the media or social media.”

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As they dance, an intriguing mystical figure interrupts them
Who will it be?

The fact that it was kept secret has led to the soap having one of its most dramatic moments.

But will the shocking death of another character top that?

We hope so!

Watch the new trailer below.