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Emmerdale fans want to “throw up” as Maya resumes affair with Jacob in “unwatchable” scenes

Jacob told Maya he loved her after her accident

Emmerdale fans were deeply disturbed last night as Maya Stepney appeared to finally get grooming victim Jacob Gallagher exactly where she wanted him.

In uncomfortable scenes shown on Thursday (7 February), the pair resumed their affair when Jacob told his teacher that he loves her.

So it’s little surprise that the name #Maya was trending on Twitter…

maya jacob emmerdale ITV
Maya and Jacob have taken their relationship to the next stage (Credit: ITV)

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Just as Jacob was beginning to break away from Maya and find hope of a happy – and LEGAL – relationship with Liv Flaherty, it all came crashing down.

After calling the affair off, Jacob was upset to discover Maya was still meddling in his life and his fledging romance with Liv and warned her to back off.

And his threats to expose her clearly sank in, as she made plans to leave the village…

In her haste, Maya fell and hit her head (Credit: ITV)

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However, as she rushed to pack, she fell and hit her head – resulting in her being admitted to hospital.

When Jacob heard about the accident, his feelings for her overwhelmed him as he visited her hospital bed.

He told her: “I never wanted to stop seeing you, it was you that told me we couldn’t be together properly.

“When granddad told me you were in hospital, I couldn’t breathe. I kept imaging you lying here hurt.”

jacob maya emmerdale hospital

“So you do still care?” Maya replied.

“Of course I do,” Jacob said. “I love you, Maya.”

Fans were “broken” at the twist, just as Jacob had seemed free of manipulative Maya.

One said: “Honestly all the jokes about Maya aside, seeing her manipulate Jacob actually breaks me #Emmerdale.”

Others felt “uneasy” and found the storyline “creepy”, while some were concerned that Jacob was “trapped”.


“This Jake/Maya story is becoming unwatchable,” said another. “He’s too young to consent. She’s a predator. Now get her caught and move on please.”

While it’s clearly an upsetting storyline, many viewers shared their belief that it’s an important issue to highlight.

In response to the episode, children’s charity Barnardo’s explained that the reason Jacob may believe he loves Maya comes down to guilt and shame.

Maya Jacob
Fans have been horrified by paedophile Maya’s actions (Credit: ITV)

A spokesperson for the charity, who have been working alongside the ITV soap on the plot, said: “When a young person is manipulated, controlled or forced into taking part in a sexual act, that is sexual abuse.

“Even if the young person thinks it’s a consensual relationship, it is still abuse. Vulnerable young people may think that their abuser is their friend, or even their boyfriend or girlfriend.

“But in reality they may force the young person to do things they don’t want to do.”

If you have been affected by this storyline, fpr support please visit Barnardo’s website.

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