Emmerdale fans applaud brave Rhona as she reports her attack

She's finally gone to the police about Pierce

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Pierce Harris’s shocking wedding day attack on his new wife Rhona saw some of the most brutal scenes Emmerdale has ever shown.

With viewers left wondering just how Rhona would react to what he did, we got our answer tonight when she went to the police station. But whether she gives his name or not remains to be seen.

The episode started with a dishevelled Rhona on the floor while Pierce did up his trousers. She was shaking and couldn’t look at him as he sat down beside her and said:

“You know, you wanted me just now.”

He makes our skin crawl.

As Rhona promised him she wouldn’t tell anyone and said she just needed to shower and change before they went back to their guests at the Woolpack, she shut herself in the bathroom, turned on the shower, and then managed to escape without Pierce noticing.

She went to the pub, but stood outside, unable to go in. The next time we saw her she was being dropped off at the police station by a kindly cab driver.

As a policewoman helped her inside, Rhona broke down, unable to admit it had been her husband who had hurt her.

They took her to a special unit where they went through all the medical tests and we were sobbing with Rhona as we watched how difficult it was for her to deal with.

She’s yet to reveal that it was actually Pierce who did this to her, but fans are hopeful that at last she’s seen him for what he really is and he is going to be punished.

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Expressing their views on Twitter, one wrote: “OMG. So proud of Rhona #Emmerdale”

Another posted: “Well done Rhona. Thats a hard thing to do.  Well done #Emmerdale an another amazing story!” [sic]

A third said: “Well done Rhona for telling the police.”

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Will Rhona now find the courage to reveal her husband as her attacker?