Emmerdale fans’ joy as Emma finally gets her comeuppance

Faith knows her secret!

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Viewers have been calling out for Emmerdale’s Emma Barton to be punished ever since she pushed fiancé James to his death off a motorway bridge.

And it looks like they’re finally going to get their wish because Faith Dingle knows her secret.

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Faith’s idea for a psychic night had Emma rattled in last night’s episode. She desperately tried to get the Dingle diva to cancel it, but to no avail.

Feeling the pressure, Emma fled to the church, where she tearfully made a confession to God about killing James.

But Emma was overheard, and as she tried to figure out who knew her secret, she wrongly came to the conclusion her son, Pete, was the one who’d found out.

As it became apparent that he didn’t know anything, it soon became clear Faith had been in the church and she had heard every word.

Emma couldn’t believe it and after her outburst put an abrupt end to the psychic night, she later decided she needed to get rid of Faith once and for all.

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Running after her with a brick in hand, Emma was all ready to kill Faith when Harriet came out of nowhere, speeding in the church’s van and knocked Emma over!

Fans were thrilled at the outcome taking to Twitter to congratulate Harriet on taking Emma down.

But by the end of the episode, Emma was conscious as she was loaded into the ambulance. She was all smiles as she saw the wording on the side of the vehicle that had hit her: “Jesus forgives all”.

Believing she was being watched over by God, Emma felt she had got away with it again.

Then Faith came into shot. Looming over Emma, she showed her the brick and made it perfectly clear she knew Emma had been trying to kill her.

“I know what you are and soon this whole village will too,” she said menacingly.

Fans were thrilled as it looks like Faith is going to take Emma on – and they quite fancy her chances of coming out on top.

With Faith in the know about Emma’s secret, how much longer can she keep it quiet?

Would anyone believe Faith if she told them? Might Emma be forced to silence her forever?

Faith might want to watch her back, but then again, she is a Dingle, maybe she IS the best person to take on Emma and win?