Emmerdale fans in hysterics at Sandy’s smutty joke

He had a slight mishap on the computer

Emmerdale’s Sandy Thomas provided Emmerdale viewers with their “highlight of the week” as he stumbled across something he shouldn’t have done online.

He managed to accidentally click on internet porn!

Young Arthur had designed a stained-glass window in memory of his late father, Ashley Thomas, and the design needed to be emailed across to the glazier.

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Sandy immediately volunteered to send the message, despite Laurel’s concern that he didn’t know how to add an attachment to an email.

Arthur offered to show him and as he pointed to the screen, he told his grandad:

“All you have to do is click on my design and press send,” – ah if only it were that simple, Arthur!

As Sandy packed Arthur off to make him a cup of tea, Sandy was pleased as punch as he managed to send the attachment – or at least, we hope that’s what he sent!

Arthur got a bit distracted in the kitchen with Laurel, who was comforting the youngster over his upset about the house feeling empty without his dad. Sandy then suddenly shouted from the living room:

“Laurel, I’ve clicked on something, and now there’s a film about a lady wanting someone to get her television fixed and I don’t think she’s going to be successful…”

Running into the room, Laurel was stunned by what she saw on the screen.

“Oh dear Lord! Arthur, cover your eyes!” she said putting her hands over her son’s face. But then as she tried to get rid of it from the screen, she asked:

“Why won’t it go, Arthur?”

“With my eyes covered?” the lad replied wittily.

As Arthur worked his magic only by looking at the keyboard not at the screen, Sandy was having a jolly old time.

“That can’t be good for the remote,” he quipped. Oh er!

When the porn was finally gone, Sandy joked: “I wonder if she ever did get her television fixed.”

Fans thought the whole sequence of events was absolutely hilarious and tweeted about how it had made their weeks.

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The humour was a nice relief for the family as they struggle to deal with Ashley’s passing.

The vicar died last month after a battle with dementia and his family have been putting on a brave face ever since.