Emmerdale fans heartbroken watching Rhona in court

Pierce's barrister gave her a very hard time

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Emmerdale’s Rhona Goskirk took to the stand last night to testify against Pierce Harris in his rape trial and viewers were both amazed and heartbroken by her bravery.

Pierce is determined to be found innocent and is prepared to go to any lengths to do so – including allowing his lawyer to give Rhona a brutally hard time in court.

Rhona struggled on the morning she was due to give evidence (Credit: ITV)

Although she started off the day full of nerves, unsure if she could go through with it, there was good news for Rhona when she arrived at court and discovered the sex tape was not going to be used as evidence.

Relieved Rhona was then offered the option to give evidence via video link instead of facing Pierce in court. But the vet was adamant:

“I need to be able to see him, I need to know he’s listening to me.”

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Rhona broke down in tears on the stand (Credit: ITV)

It was definitely a struggle for Rhona as she gave evidence and she broke down in tears as she was forced to relive the terrifying ordeal.

“He threw me on the floor and I told him to stop, to get off. He grabbed my wrists so he could hold me down while he…” she was unable to say the word ‘rape’ as she sobbed.

“I kept saying no, I begged him and I said please. He was on me and I couldn’t stop him. So I gave in.”

As she went on to describe how controlling and manipulative Pierce was, it was then the defence’s turn to question her. And they didn’t hold back.

Pierce sat listening to every word, but will the jury believe Rhona? (Credit: ITV)

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Bringing up her closeness to ex-husband Paddy, her past addiction problems, and questioning her over whether she and Pierce had ever engaged in “rough” sex or role play, Rhona eventually had enough and shouted:

“It doesn’t matter, the only thing that does is that I said ‘no’ and he raped me.”

Although she felt she had lost any hope of getting justice after the difficult day, viewers flocked to Twitter to praise the powerful scenes.

The trial is set to play out all week, with Pierce’s fate finally decided on Friday.

Is this the last we’ll see of him? Will Rhona finally get justice – and closure – after her ordeal?