Emmerdale: Faith turns psychic and channels tragic James Barton!

This could prove deadly deception...

Faith. Dingle by name, overwhelmingly Dingle by nature.

The prodigal mother really surpasses herself when she ‘comes out to’ the village as a psychic – and, incredibly some of them actually believe it.

In truth, this revelation is just part of another wheeler dealer scheme to raise more money to pay for granddaughter Sarah’s cancer treatment.

“Faith is doing this because she wants to do everything she can to get more money for Sarah’s fund,” says Sally Dexter, who plays Faith.

But her latest scam could have deadly consequences – and we’re not just talking about the spirits she’s claiming to be able to channel.

Faith sets up a psychic session at The Woolpack to fund raise. In attendance is grieving widow Emma Barton.

She’s grieving because she bumped off her husband James, you’ll recall!

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Her cage is well and truly rattled when Faith begins to ‘channel’ him from the other side.

Is James’s unsettled soul coming back to let everyone in the pub know his wife pushed him to his death?

Panicked Emma rushes to silence Faith before she spouts any incriminating tales.

But the nurse no more thinks the Dingle matriarch is a medium than the rest of us – she is worried Faith actually heard her confess to the killing, and is now playing mind games.

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Earlier, Emma – genuinely guilt-stricken – sobbed in the church as she admitted to God her rotten deed. (Er, we think he already knows!)

When she hears a noise behind her, Emma is sure someone’s overheard her.

Now she’s convinced that it’s Faith, how far with the murderous mum go to protect herself…?