Emmerdale boss reveals new character details

They're going to shake things up in the village

Emmerdale producer Iain MacLeod has revealed exciting details of a new character set to cause a stir in the Dales.

He’s planning to bring a bit of an edge to the countryside as he welcomes someone “covered head to toe in tattoos.”

In a village full of murderers, adulterers, domestic abusers, and criminals, Iain thinks things are a little too “ordinary” at the moment and it needs spicing up.

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Speaking to The Mirror, he explained he’s after “some sort of heavily tattooed, body pierced, alternative person”.

He went on to admit: “Our characters are all, in their own way, ordinary, I don’t imagine any of them have any intimate piercings or secret tattoos.

“I just want someone covered head to toe in tattoos who will terrify the older characters but turn out to have a heart of gold.”

With big stories at the moment such as Ashley Thomas’s death after suffering from dementia, Pierce Harris’s abuse of wife-to-be Rhona, and Cain Dingle’s affair with vicar Harriet Finch, a bit of colour might be just what they need to lighten the mood.

Iain also told the publication: “I feel like we’ve got a really good balance of heartbreaking stories like Ashley’s dementia and other stories coming up like Faith’s breast cancer.

“I’m a big fan of the funny stuff. Soap, for me, has always been really heartbreaking stuff mixed with classic Northern humour.

“We’ve got tons of really funny stuff coming up in the future.”

With the news evil Pierce is set to attack Rhona on their wedding night, we’re definitely going to need something lighthearted.

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Pierce was stunned last night by the arrival of his mum, Martha, and it turns out she knows more than a few secrets about him that he wants to keep hidden.

With a possible exit looming for the dangerous lawyer, let’s hope Rhona gets away from him before it’s too late.

And then maybe she can find love with the tattooed person set to mix things up!