Emmerdale “bloodbath” as serial killer set to sweep the Dales

Terror comes to the village

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We’ve always known Lachlan was a wrong ‘un from the moment he bowled into the village, all mumbles and sulky glares.

But the teenage sex offender and would-be murderer is reportedly set to become one of Emmerdale’s most evil ever characters as he turns SERIAL KILLER.

The spoilt brat will emerge from prison – where he is currently serving time for perverting the course of justice – with a heart full of hatred and a belly hungry for vengeance.

He’s already attempted to kill off his grandfather, Lawrence – and now he’s going to finish the job.

But, not content with wiping him off this mortal coil, he’s apparently going to do away with Emma Barton, too.

(It’s fair to say not too many viewers will shed a tear for her, though – just the comeuppance the murderess deserves…)

His killing spree will not end with just two victims. To ‘earn’ the title of serial killer, he needs to have killed three people, fact fans.

So who else could succumb to his deadly clutches?

According to a TV insider who spoke to the Sunday People, this frenzied campaign will take place in the run-up to Christmas.

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“There’s going to be a lot of change afoot,” they said. “It will be a proper Emmerdale bloodbath.”

A BLOODBATH, no less! How exciting – not least because it appears Lachy will wipe out the characters we don’t like. Now, if only he could do away with himself, too…

And then the whole truth about him shooting Lawrence could come out  – and Andy Sugden, who was framed for the attack, could make an heroic return.

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What a Christmas gift that would be…