Emmerdale Ashley’s final moments REVEALED

This is it

Emmerdale have released details of Ashley Thomas’s final moments – and it’s set to be both joyful and heartbreaking.

Dementia sufferer Ashley will pass away tonight after being struck down with incurable pneumonia.

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Laurel has brought him home to die, not wanting his last days to be in a cold, clinical hospital. With his friends and family all gathered around him, sharing memories and keeping each other strong, it’s exactly as the good vicar would have wanted.

But one person who’s not getting it the way she would like is Gabby. Ashley’s daughter is seriously struggling with the fact her father’s going to die and all she wants is some time alone with him to say goodbye.

Promising her she’ll get it, mum Bernice takes Gabby away from all the people for a while, but sadly, when Gabby returns she discovers Ashley has already passed away and she never got those precious moments.

As Gabby tries to deal with her devastation, she’ll blame Bernice for it all. But will the schoolgirl realise she actually needs her mum more than ever now?

For Laurel, the last hours with her husband are slightly brighter. She gets the one thing she’s been wanting when Ashley lucidly remembers her before he dies.

Speaking to Digital Spy Charlotte Bellamy, who plays Laurel, explained: “We wanted to pitch it right and make it as real as possible. It’s a beautiful moment.

“He hasn’t recognised Laurel since about November. It’s beautifully written and it felt like the perfect ending.”

And as for the fact Ashley does remember his wife just before his death, John Middleton, who plays Ashley, said:

“We weren’t stretching the bounds of reality. The nurse on set – who is used to dealing with end of life – said it’s very common. She says she sees it a lot.”

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John also spoke about how hard it was watching his character’s final scenes.

“It’s harrowing and you can’t get away from that. But at the same time, it’s about the great tragedies, the great joys, and the great dramas of life. It’s a beautiful episode.”

We don’t think we have enough tissues ready for this.