Emmerdale: Andy Sugden to return for Robron’s wedding?!

Rebecca has paved the way by finally proving his innocence in Lawrence shooting

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It was a dark day when Andy Sugden was forced to flee Emmerdale after being framed for shooting Lawrence.

We were saying goodbye to one of the soap’s longest-standing characters.

And no one ever could fill actor Kelvin Fletcher’s shoes. Or should we say shirts?!

So we’ve been feeling his absence hard, since that sad day back in August.

But now that prodigal White daughter Rebecca has dobbed sister Chrissie in for stitching up her ex after son Lachlan shot their dad (keeping up?!), does this open for the storyline door for the hunky farmer to return?

Some of the soap’s fans have certainly got very excited about the prospect on social media. (And who could blame ’em?!)

One wrote: “Wouldn’t it be great to see back… and get off with bex – if Andy has any sense he steer clear of them all!”

Another fan said: “Clear Andy’s name and bring him home.”

Show fan exclaimed: “Oh my gosh I hate Chrisie she is so annoying hope her lawence and lockalin get done for the shooting and get arested so andy can come back.” (SIC)

Viewer Helen Shaw wrote: “Get Andy back. It’s not the same without him.” Too right!

With Robert set to marry love-of-his life Aaron, viewers are hoping this provides the perfect opportunity for Andy to appear.

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However, Diane has set a spanner in the works by explaining that, although Rebecca has now landed Chrissie in it, Andy would still be in trouble with police.

Kelvin, 32, quit the show to mix up his career and revealed : “I do have aspirations to do other things.

“When you play one character for 20 years, regardless of the storylines they throw at you, there comes a time when you want to try something else.

“My drive and hunger for acting has never subsided, but hopefully I’ve got a few strings to my bow.”

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