Emmerdale actress uses novel technique to find her missing cat

She turned to witchcraft and Bob came home days later

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Emmerdale actress Samantha Giles, who plays Bernice Blackstock on the soap, has revealed she found her missing cat using a very novel location technique.

The self-proclaimed witch left a trail of her own urine in the streets around her house to bring the ginger pet back home.

Bob went missing recently after a night spent outside and Samantha posted a tweet to her followers hoping to find him.

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After there was still no sign of him a few days later Samantha decided her flyers and positive thoughts weren’t enough to bring him back to her.

She decided to take more extreme measures and looked to her own practice of Wicca – a form of witchcraft for help.

Samantha told how someone on social media had advised her that cats follow the smell of urine back home, so she decided to put her own diluted urine down the street using dowsing rods.

She also told her followers how she had hung his bed on the line and emptied vacuum contents all around the streets and in her garden for him to follow.

Miraculously, Bob returned home after nine days away, and Samantha was delighted he’d come back.

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Speaking about his disappearance, Samantha told The Sun: “I cried every night while he was gone. [Cats] are like a member of your family.

“I was told by a woman from a lost cat Facebook page that you can empty the hoover bag down your path and cats can pick up the scent.

“She also told me that if you use diluted urine and do a trail around the streets with that, it can help cats pick up the smell of their home. You’d do anything, wouldn’t you, to get them back?

“Then my friend came with her dowsing rods and we tried to find where he might be.

“It was bonkers.”

At least Bob’s home safe and well now, and Samantha has revealed they’re planning to get him a tracker in case it happens again.

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