Emmerdale: Aaron and Robert’s wedding called off

Will Aaron's arrest put an end to Robron's wedding plans?

It’s set to be the Emmerdale wedding of the year as Aaron and Robert make plans to tie the knot, but Aaron’s jealousy might just result in the big day being called off.

Excited mother-of-the-groom, Chas, is desperate for her son to set a date and get planning. But private Aaron doesn’t want too much fuss and when Charity suggests they elope to Vegas, the lad’s tempted.

Robert decides that a coin toss is the best way to make all big decisions like this and after flipping the money, Vegas it is!

We’re feeling all warm and fuzzy with the boys happily loved up – until jealous Aaron learns Robert’s been hanging out with former lover Rebecca again.

Despite Robert’s repeated reassurances there’s nothing for Aaron to worry about, the insecure Dingle can’t help but fear Rebecca’s going to come between them and split them up for good.

Playing detective, Aaron turns up at Home Farm, even though Robert’s told him he’s at work, to find Rebecca and Robert drinking together.

You can’t really blame Robert for being a bit fed up with his other-half’s jealousy and tells him he has to put the green-eyed monster to bed and start trusting him.

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Easier said than done. Aaron just can’t help it and after another blazing row and a few whiskies he ends up lashing out – at Kasim!

Finn’s on-off boyfriend finds himself in the firing line when Aaron witnesses Kasim losing his temper at Finn.

Kasim’s has enough of Finn’s craziness and insults him quite publicly. A riled Aaron decides to wade in to defend his mate – and punches Kasim. Bad move.

The boys are pulled apart and Aaron heads off to crisis talks about his future with Robert – talk about an intense couple of days!

Just as they’re thrashing out their problems though, the police arrive and arrest Aaron for assaulting Kasim. And with Aaron on licence the chances he could go back to jail are pretty high.

With his arrest threatening his hopes of wedded bliss, his fiancé is determined to get him up the aisle whatever it takes, so enlists Finn’s help to clear Aaron’s name. But will it make any difference?

Will the wedding go ahead? We really hope so!