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Thursday 12th December 2019

Emma Willis let her friends watch video of her giving birth

Footage helped them to make a decision

Some people are quite private when it comes to giving birth, preferring not to let anyone see them going through labour – but not Emma Willis.

The TV presenter, 43, has revealed that she allowed some of her friends to watch video footage of her giving birth to her youngest child.

Emma – who has kids Isabelle, 10, Ace, seven, and Trixie, three, with her husband, Busted musician Matt Willis – let the parents-to-be watch the clip in order to prepare them.

Emma wasn't shy when it came to showing the birth footage (Credit:

She told The Sun Online: "We have friends at the minute who are expecting their first baby. The mum doesn't want to find out the sex of the baby, and the dad was obviously like, 'Come on.'

"I said, 'Watch the birth of Trixie and see if that will change your mind.'

"And he watched it, and when he heard Matt kind of choke up going, 'It's a girl,' he was like, 'We're not finding out. I need that moment in my life of surprise.'"

It hadn't been great but I went, 'There are worse situations that could have happened.'

Meanwhile, Emma recently admitted she "probably" had PTSD after the birth of Isabelle, because it was so traumatic.

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Isabelle became stuck during the labour and her heartbeat dropped, which meant that a rotational-forceps delivery had to be carried out.

This left The Voice presenter Emma with injuries that took time to heal.

Emma is married to Busted guitarist Matt Willis (Credit:

She told The Times: "There was a lot of trauma afterwards. A lot of stitches. I couldn't sit down for 12 weeks."

Emma suffered a flashback to her own difficult delivery when she was filming scenes for her W television series Emma Willis: Delivering Babies at the Princess Alexandra NHS hospital in Essex.

Emma is appearing in a new TV series about birthing (Credit: W)

After witnessing a woman having a vaginal tear repaired, she fainted and was later urged by the maternity ward team to talk about her own frightening labour.

Emma said: "It was very much like looking at yourself. My body's response was total horror, and I just hit the floor. It hadn't been great but I went, 'There are worse situations that could have happened.'"

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When put to her that she could've had PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), Emma told The Times: "It probably was. But my default for PTSD goes to soldiers. Birth is such a common thing, you don't think about it in those terms."

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