Emma Willis announces twist that will really upset the Big Brother house

After claims that 'the power's gone to his head', Tom Barber is going to face a shock

Big Brother housemate Tom Barber has been enjoying his status as the “people’s housemate” –but all that is about to change.

Speaking on Big Brother’s Bit On the Side, Emma Willis revealed that Welsh lad Tom will lose his status and become a normal housemate – unbeknown to him.

Emma Willis announced the big twist (Credit: Channel 5)

“Tom is no longer the people’s housemate but Tom doesn’t know that,” said Emma, to the sound of gasps in the audience.

“And tomorrow he will still think he’s the people’s housemate.

“Tom is going to speak to the people again – but it’s not going to be the people, it’s going to be the housemates.”

Tom is in for a shock (Credit: Channel 5)

Rylan was delighted with the shock twist, but added that it might “backfire”.

Replied Emma: “I don’t think it’s meant to be any malice. I think it’s meant to be a little bit of fun and pranking of Tom.

“But who knows what might happen?”

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Tom’s role had given him extra privileges. He’d nominated eight housemates for eviction after denying them “citizenship” to the “United Kingdom of Big Brother”.

Viewers then voted for who they wanted to evict, with Imran Javeed and Mandy Longworth being the least popular.

Rylan and Emma can’t wait to see what happens to Tom (Credit: Channel 5)

Tom chose Mandy to leave the house – much to her disappointment.

She didn’t hold back on her views. “I think the power’s gone to his head,” she said after her eviction. “He’s got an edge to him that’s awful.

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“I hoped it was going to be face-to-face nominations this evening and I was going to tell him exactly what I thought.”

Before entering the house, Tom, who co-owns a nightclub, said: “I’m a normal person. I’m just going to go in and crack on.

“It will be the craziest experience of my life but I want to go in and smash it.”

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