Emma Willis reveals why she didn’t want to upset Gary Barlow

She also doesn't wang too many CCB Allstars series.

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Six years in and still The Voice UK has failed to find a star.

While rival show The X Factor has created global superstars like One Direction, Leona Lewis and Olly Murs, The Voice winners have merely faded back into obscurity.

With the show having continued to rate well on ITV, and with a record company now involved from the start, host Emma Willis says she hopes this year The Voice gets it right and they find a star who will top the charts.

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“What would be lovely is if we all got it right this year!” she said.

“We are all hoping that the winner goes on to be a global superstar, but that is hard to do nowadays.

She added: “It’s not something that can just happen any more, it takes a lot of work.

“Success nowadays is different to how it was 10 years ago, because back then it was about having number ones, but now it’s always the same people who top the charts and success is measured differently.”

Talent aside, Emma said she is thrilled that the Voice saw off competition from Gary Barlow’s BBC talent search Let It Shine.

“Obviously I am really happy that The Voice has done well, but I didn’t want to whoop Gary Barlow’s [bum],” Emma said.

“I wanted us both to succeed – being a massive Take That fan, you’re never going to get me to start a row with Gary. Not gonna happen!”

Meanwhile, Emma says she is worried about Celebrity Big Brother producers relying too much on bringing old stars back for special AllStars series.

Following on from January’s All Stars show it is believed that another will follow next January!

“I don’t usually find out anything about the celebrity one until we’ve got the civilian one done, but I would like a straightforward celebrity series full of new stars who have never experienced it before, rather than another ‘All Stars’,” Emma explained.

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“If you constantly put people in that have already been in before, sometimes that’s great because they know how to play it and provide entertainment, but sometimes they know it too well and it’s all a bit too easy.

“It’s good every now and then to do the All Stars vs New Stars twist that we did in January, but I wouldn’t like to do it every series.”

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