Emmerdale’s Emma Barton murder reveal overshadowed by villagers’ cheating scandal

Viewers were disgusted

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There was a big reveal in Emmerdale, as Moira was revealed as the killer of Emma Barton. But this shocker was overshadowed by an even more jaw-dropping secret.

Laurel was arrested and taken in for questioning – but she had an alibi.

And here’s where the scandal comes in.

She couldn’t possibly have killed Emma, because she was with Bob at the time.

Yes, ‘WITH’ with Bob.

Viewers watched aghast as the pair shared a kiss.

Laurel and Bob. KISSING! (Credit: ITV)

But there was more to come… Laurel revealed to police that they had then gone to bed together.

The widow said she felt ashamed afterwards, and it sounds like it was a one-off. But who knows whether that’s true.

Putting the two characters together wasn’t a popular choice with viewers, that’s for sure…

At least we know why they have been behaving so sheepishly around one another now… what will Brenda say when she finds out?

Oh, come on, this is soap, OF COURSE she will have to find out!

Meanwhile, Emma’s killer was revealed during the second episode of the show, as the sort-of-husband killer was laid to rest.

As vicar Harriet conducted the Barton matriarch’s funeral, flashbacks revealed her fate during her last day on earth.

While Pete stormed out of the church, Laurel was arrested. The pair of them – alongside Moira and Ross – talked through their last experiences with Emma before she died.

Ross told his mum to jump (Credit: ITV)

Learning the truth about Emma killing his father James, Ross drove Emma to a bridge and was planning to push her off, just as she had done to his dad.

Ross confided his actions in brother Pete (Credit: ITV)

But then he decided to tell his mum to jump instead.

Emma wanted him to push her – and she offered her forgiveness – but refused to take her own life because that’s a sin in the eyes of her God.

(She’d squared off taking another person’s life with Him, apparently…)

Ross ordered her again to jump, before walking off…

Moira had tried to save Emma initially (Credit: ITV)

And then Moira appeared, initially trying to talk Emma down. And it looked as though she had succeeded, but then Emma hit upon a plan to die – as her son wanted – without having to commit suicide.

The unhinged nurse set about goading Moira into doing her deadly dirty work, hitting the new mum where it really hurts – spitting out vile accusations about her baby son and her dead daughter, Holly.

“You drank like a fish, worked yourself into the ground, because you wanted to kill my grandson,” she teased.

And the provocation continued, with her saying: “Shame I didn’t shoot Adam, your precious little love child. Thick as two short planks.

“All your kids are failures. Holly… the druggie, someone else you ignored. It was easier to pretend it wasn’t happening.

“Imagine if you’d paid attention and noticed there was something wrong, If you’d cared enough she;d still be alive now. You could have saved her but you left her to die all alone.

“You knew that you killed her, you might as well have injected the heroine yourself.”

And with that Moira reached out and pushed Emma, and she expired.

Moira confessed all to Cain (Credit: ITV)

Hmmm, so if Emma wanted Moira to kill her, can we really blame her? She was a pawn, no, NO?! Viewers were pretty satisfied with the outcome after such a long wait…

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