Emma and Matt Willis are serious #couplegoals in latest Instagram snap

If you're currently going through a break-up, we'd suggest looking away now

They stay out of the public eye most of the time, but every now and again when we get a glimpse at Emma and Matt Willis’ personal lives, we’re reminded that they are one of our all-time fave celeb couples.

Emma posted a photo to Instagram on Friday of her and her husband, who was laughing very hard at something, at a festival, with the caption ‘God I love this man’.


How cute? (Credit: Instagram/@emmawillisofficial)

Followers were quick to react to the beautiful image with comments like “#couple goals ❤️”, and “this is beautiful!!!! #truestlove x”

Someone else wrote: “He’s very lucky to have you too, you make a lovely couple ☺” while another added “Relationship goals ❤”.

Matt is one lucky fella (Credit: Channel 5)

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Basically, it was one giant Instagram love-in.

While she’s obviously only interested in one guy, Em’s not short of admirers as this week saw the latest Big Brother evictee Joe Quaranta flirt outrageously with the presenter.

“You’ve got sexy eyes,” he told her.

Emma, who has three children, Isabelle, Ace and Trixie with Matt, responded with: “I don’t know what to say now!”

Which was particularly understandable given that Joe’s girlfriend was stood right there, and Emma’s married and erm, well just… Joe.

Joe’s comments came after he talked about his “beautiful” girlfriend in his exit interview.

Emma and Matt are so loved up (Credit: Instagram/@emmawillisofficial)

“The God’s honest truth, I didn’t want to be out, but I knew that beautiful thing was going to be here and I was gagging to be with her,” he said.

Not sure we love ‘thing’ as a word choice Joe, but sure.

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This series of Big Brother is under pressure to do well as there are plans to extend rival show Love Island, which could mean the finals are on the same day, 27 July.

Must have been tempting, Emma… (Credit: Twitter)

Alternatively it could mean that Love Island concludes on the same night as the launch of Celebrity Big Brother.

As Love Island is insanely popular this year – easily getting two million viewers a night when Big Brother is struggling to hit one million, eek – that would cause a headache for the BB team.

Wonder what they watch in the Willis household then…?

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