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Sunday 29th March 2020

Emily Maitlis admits to locking her son in the garden

Her child had quite the tantrum

Newsnight presenter, Emily Maitlis, has to deal with all sorts of difficult people in her line of work, however, it sounds as if none of her interviewees would compare to her eldest son Milo.

She recently admitted to locking her son, Milo, in the garden during a particularly difficult tantrum he was having.

"I opened the back door and picked him up and said, 'Right, you are in the garden until you stop crying'. I shut the door," she told Good Housekeeping in a recent interview.

She continued: "Then I realised he didn’t have any shoes on, so I opened the door, threw the shoes out and shut it again.

Emily grilling politicians on Newsnight (Credit: BBC)

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"I thought, 'Actually, I’ve been awake for 22 hours, I can’t listen to this'. I knew he was not going to come to any trouble because it’s a safe garden but I just couldn’t listen to the screaming.

This took place after she had just spent 22 hours doing rolling news coverage of the 2010 general election, and it was all just a bit too much to come home to a screaming five-year-old.

The newsreader then added that she likes "to terrify them for brief moments and then calm down".

Right, you are in the garden until you stop crying.

Emily admitted to locking her son out in the garden - Credit: BBC

Emilly, who's now 48, also admitted during the interview that she likes to return home after a shift and have a little chat with her dog.

She explained how she comes home, pours herself a little vodka or a glass of wine and tells her dog what happened to her during the day, which does sound rather therapeutic.

Her son, Milo, is now 15 years old, and he has a younger brother, Max, who's 12 years old, and according to Emily they "show no mercy" while critiquing her appearances on television.

Emily being fantastic on Newsnight - Credit: BBC

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She explained how every mistake she makes won't go unnoticed by her children, and apparently they particularly like it when she gets into trouble.

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