Why Ellie Goulding threatened to punch a “b**ch” at swanky bash!

Singer shaken by party confrontation!

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Ellie Goulding threatened to punch a guest at swanky party this week following a nasty altercation at a fundraising event, it has been reported.

The gorgeous singer was supposedly furious after a reveller launched an attack on her at London’s Victoria House.

Trouble was sparked at the prestigious Animal Ball when Ellie went to sit in a cornered-off area of the bash, not realising it was already reserved by another group of people.

An unknown partygoer immediately confronted her, and told her that the area was for VIP guests only.

The angry guest clearly had either forgotten or didn’t realise that earlier in the evening the Grammy-performing star had sung for stars including Princess Eugenie, Anna Friel, Liz Hurley and Lily Cole! Awkward!

Taken aback, the singer tried to calm the antagonistic reveller down, but the woman wasn’t having any of it and suddenly screamed in Ellie’s face: ‘Don’t f**king mess with me.’

A stunned, Ellie returned to her group of friends and ranted, telling the the reporter from the Mail, ‘That woman is a b**ch, I’ve never met anyone as mean in my life. If she speaks to me again I will f**king punch her! I swear I’m so mad.’ Luckily, her mates swiftly calmed her down and Ellie continued to enjoy her night.

The Animal Ball, where tickets cost £2,000 for a sit-down three course dinner, boasted an exhibit of animal-themed masks designed by designers including Matthew Williamson, Alice Temperley, Christian Dior and many more.