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Eleventh Strictly contestant Charlotte Hawkins announced on today’s Good Morning Britain

Following in Kate, Susanna and Richard's footsteps...

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Charlotte Hawkins broke the news she will be doing this year’s Strictly Come Dancing live on air during Good Morning Britain.

She then took a spin with Strictly alumnus Richard Arnold, before apologising to friends for fibbing about not doing the show.

Asked what her chances of success were like, the news reader replied: “I did dancing as a child – a bit of ballet – and I do a bit of dancing round the kitchen with my two-year-old.”

Speaking to Kate, who also did the dancing show, she said: “I’ll be getting some tips – you can show me some steps.”

Showbiz correspondent Dickie then gave her a survival kit, which featured Deep Heat, foot cream, plasters and fluffy slippers.

“The excitement’s beginning now,” Charlotte admitted. “It’s been great to be able to tell everyone.”

She joins 10 other celebs already confirmed.





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