Coronation Street’s Eileen in danger – and not just from Phelan

Is there something even more sinister out to get Eileen?

Coronation Street fans are worried about Eileen Grimshaw’s safety after spotting a ghostly shadow lurking on her staircase as she spoke to murderer Phelan in the lounge.

The eagle-eyed viewers took to social media to share their theories about who the spooky shadow could be – perhaps wondering if Eileen has more to, um, worry about than being married to a serial killer!

As Eileen confronted murderer Pat Phelan over Luke Britton’s death, it seemed like a dark apparition passed behind Eileen on the stairs.

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But was this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment really something sinister?

Despite there being two lit lamps behind the character – her house did seem eerily dark as she confessed to Pat that she’d not only been through his belongings looking for a gun, but that she had also been to visit Anna Windass in prison.

But some viewers weren’t paying any attention to the fact she was signing her own death warrant by confessing all to Phelan – they were more worried about the spooky goings on in the back ground…

But while fans joked that she ghost could have been Elsie Tanner, who was played by actress Pat Phoenix until 1984, other fans were coming up with theories about who is next on Phelan’s hit list.

While others think Seb is next on the serial killer’s hits list after he gave evidence against him in court…

Earlier this month Phelan killed Luke after shooting him and then letting him burn to death in his car.

Seb has since found out and shared his discovery with an initially unbelieving Eileen.

But as the pair get closer to the truth, have they both just put themselves in Phelan’s firing line?

If there really are sinister shadows lurking in Eileen’s hallway, could this be an eerie indication on what the future holds for Eileen?

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Corrie continues tomorrow evening with a double bill at 7.30 and 8.30 on ITV.

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