Eh? Emmerdale viewers baffled as identity of Rhona’s stalker revealed

It wasn't who we expected

Emmerdale fans were left surprised and confused when it was revealed that the stalker who has been plaguing Rhona Goskirk in recent episodes was not her rapist husband Pierce Harris, but his mother.

While many viewers had assumed that Rhona (Zoe Henry) was being followed by her estranged husband Pierce (Jonathan Wrather), it became apparent in Tuesday’s huge plot twist that it is the sinister Martha (Elaine Claxton) instead.

Previous episodes of the ITV serial drama have had the unknown stalker breaking into Rhona’s house and leaving messages in order to frighten her leading many to believe it was Pierce, who raped her on their wedding night.

Rhona’s ex-husband Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) went to confront Pierce about his behaviour, only to be told that he had just returned from a business trip in Amsterdam.

His solid alibi meant it could not have been him doing the stalking, and gave Paddy a reason to believe Rhona was losing her mind.

Martha was then seen in Rhona’s kitchen in the shadows, revealed as the culprit and throwing the storyline wide open.

Martha has only briefly appeared in the soap before, showing up ahead of Pierce and Rhona’s wedding much to her estranged son’s disappointment, so her reappearance certainly left viewers stunned and slightly confused.

Several Emmerdale fans were stumped as to why Pierce would have his own mother committing such an act, although it was not clear if he was aware of her actions.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Y wud Pierce’s mum stalk Rhona? I don’t get it…. Is it 2 try 2 set Pierce up? #Emmerdale.”

Another said: “So hes been getting his mum to scare rhona.. my god he really is a freak #emmerdale.”

“Pierce’s mother Martha is Rhona’s stalker, but why ?? Is she working wiv Pierce or doesn’t he know ?? #Emmerdale,” one asked.

Others were just flat-out floored by the turn of events, and many were just bemused as to why Rhona did not change her locks.

One viewer said: “So if Rhona has locked her doors how did Norman Bates mother get a key #Emmerdale.”

“Change the locks, Rhona. Ffs. #emmerdale,” another wrote.

One chimed in: “Simple answer Rhona change the bloody locks and also install hidden cameras just to be sure! #emmerdale.”

Emmerdale continues on Friday June 30 at 7pm on ITV.