ED! Exclusive: Ryan Lawrie sticks two fingers to pop rival AGAIN!

The pair have already had a war of words on Twitter

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Ryan Lawrie was the latest singer to get the boot on the X Factor but not many thought he should have gone.

It was between him and Honey G in the sing-off and she stayed!

The 20-year-old looked gutted to leave the show and many people found it shocking that the rapper was saved.

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When asked if Ryan thought Honey G was a big talent he said: “She is talented when it comes to an entertaining sense.”

That she is!

Asked about in the rapping sense, he said: “I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of the rapping, it’s not my cup of tea, but I feel like she gets everyone going and everyone’s excited to actually watch her performances.

“Obviously the public like her so they’re voting to keep her in so many times.”

Who IS actually voting?

The Scottish singer has been dating fellow contestant Emily Middlemas since they met in the very early stages of the show.

She tweeted the cutest message after he left the show: “I am the proudest girlfriend in the world. This is only the beginning. I love you Ryan.”

Gushing about his love and support for her, he said: “I just hope she goes on and wins it now. I believe in her and I know she can do it, she just needs to stay focused and I’ll be there with an ‘Emily’ t-shirt on”

AW! These two!

Talking about what is next for the little lovebirds, Ryan said: “I feel like we’re going to go away and go on holiday and just chill out.”

That might be best, because Ryan is going to have to avoid a certain someone at showbiz events….

He recently got himself into a little bit of hot water after him and ex-Liberty X star Michelle Heaton got in a Twitter spat.

Michelle tweeted: “The ryan dude from X factor .. who is voting for him ?? Come on seriously”

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Ryan sassily replied: “Got a bigger fanbase than you babe”

Then again: “people take things our of context! bit of friendly fun! I respect everyone but if someone doesn’t speak nicely of me, I couldn’t give a s**t.”

Commenting on what he’d say to her now that he’s out of the competition, he said: “I would just say, fair play, everybody is entitled to their opinions.

“If you don’t think I deserve to be there then fair enough, but I came sixth, so I’m still happy!

Yeah Michelle, he still came sixth… so there!