ED! Exclusive: Emily Middlemas and Ryan already talking babies!

They're getting serious!

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It has been confirmed people! The adorable X Factor couple are going to live happily ever after.

In an interview with our very own Andy West, the smitten 18-year-old admitted that she would love to have kids with boyf Ryan Lawrie.

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When asked if she thought they would be together forever, she said: “Yeah!”

Prodding further, Andy asked whether she and her 20-year-old beau are going to have a big family.

She laughed shyly and said: “Well, yeah, we think we’ll be together and I would want kids.

“Not just now, obviously not…”

AW! Wouldn’t they make the sweetest little family?

Emily went on to say that she wants three kids AND that they’re going to go on holiday to the Maldives soon.

We wonder whether he’ll pop the question?

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Now these two might not be the only couple that have got it on in this year’s show.

According to reports, there are two X Factor live show finalists that are having a secret gay romance.

The relationship is said to have been kept top secret by the pair. Apparently the judges don’t even know!

A source told The Daily Star: “Their family and friends know they are an item but they’ve kept it a secret from viewers and that’s the way they want it for now. Their fans have no idea they are a couple.”

Ooh, we wonder who it is?!

Check out the video of Emily Middlemas below where she plays a game of Would You Rather!