Ed Balls has some bad news for Honey G

We're pretty upset about it too!

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It would have been epic. The worst dancer on Strictly in a showdown with the worst…anything…on The X Factor, Honey G.

At the weekend the rapper challenged the former government minister to a dance-off after he questioned just how talented the hip-hop wannabe and former recruitment agent is.

It is the weirdest spat ever. TV has literally never been more mental.

Lorraine had Balls on ITV and she could hardly wait to ask him about the gauntlet being thrown down by the 35-yearold West Londoner, Honey G aka Anna Gilford.

On Saturday she said: “I’d like to challenge Ed Balls to a dance off, challenge me any day.”

Balls hit back, Harlem-style: “I’ve spent 20 weeks trying to avoid the dance-off – and so far I have… I’m afraid, my answer is that I’m trying to avoid dance-offs at the moment.”

He couldn’t resist one more punch. “I’m definitely aware of Honey G. I’ve seen a couple of YouTube videos…I am not sure what to say! As Craig would say: ‘OMG!’ All I will say is that I think I am getting better.”

Does that mean Honey G is getting worse?

Ed certainly seems to be growing in confidence. Len told him on Saturday night: “You’re getting better.”

Whilst Bruno said: “You are strangely addictive and to my surprise, most of it looked like a jive.”