Easties SPOILER: Disaster strikes after Sylvie’s funeral tonight…

This has been waiting to happen...

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We’re still recovering from Sylvie Carter’s shock – and SHOCKING – passing.

We certainly didn’t see death by electrocution with a radio in the bath coming. Brutal!

The Carter matriarch’s trundle off this mortal coil came as a surprise to the residents of Walford, too – and daughter Tina is finding it especially difficult to come to terms with it.

Tonight, it’s time for the family to say goodbye as Sylvie is laid to rest.

But, this being EastEnders, of course it won’t be a drama-free occasion.

For starters, Tina’s anguish is compounded when barely anyone shows, except Johnny, Whit and her ex-girlfriend, Sonia Fowler – back in the Square to sort out Bex’s bullies; kill two birds with one stone, why dontcha, Son!

Yes, despite Mick Carter bleating on about “Faaaaaamleeeee!” all the time, he’s nowhere to be seen.

He’s chosen living family, daughter Nancy, who’s recovering from an accident in Bulgaria. As for Shirl… well, we all know how complicated her relationship with Sylvie was and she don’t want no bar of it!

Still, Tina is touched when she arrives back at the Vic to find Sylvie’s old friends have congregated there.

But trouble’s not far away as some swaggering wide boy appears declaring he is the new manager, sent by Linda.

This Woody character – played by Blue’s Lee Ryan – is about as welcome as a nun in a knocking shop.

And things get a whole lot worse as disaster strikes the pub. One guess what THAT is, regular viewers…

Will the rain ever turn to shine for this mob?

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