Easties shock as Mick Carter’s ‘exit’ story finally revealed on air

Not the happiest of departures. Naturally.

Okay so we’ve known for a while that Mick Carter would at some point be disappearing from Albert Square due to Danny Dyer being ordered to take some rest – but now we know how he’s been written out.

In last night’s episode of TV’s most miserable soap, Mick found out that his daughter Nancy was hit by a car in Bulgaria and decides he needs to be with her.

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Whitney then booked him a flight to Sofia and Mick was forced to dip into baby Oli’s savings to pay for it because he was so cash strapped.

In the series, happy-go-lucky Mick has hit hard times as the Queen Vic struggles to bring in enough money.

Not only that his son Lee, who was involved in the pub robbery before Christmas and was suffering from depression, left Walford for a new life in sunny Dover.

In a recent episode Mick finally lost it.

He visited Shirley in prison with Tina and viewers saw Mick break down as he said: “I can do this, I can turn this round.”

But later, when the till in the Vic stopped working, a frustrated Mick lost it and ripped the till out of the wall, hurling it over the bar!

A concerned Ian Beale kindly offered Mick the till from the restaurant, telling him that he knew himself about falling on hard times, but Mick wasn’t having any of it.

When Ian told his wife Jane that he thought Mick was in a “dark place” and wouldn’t listen to his kind words, she decided she needed to call Linda to tell her she needed to come home.

The episode ended with Mick crying on his bed.

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Danny Dyer was reportedly asked to leave the show by producers to deal with various personal issues he had to deal with and flew out to South Africa to convalesce.

It is believed the popular actor will return to the series over the next few weeks.

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