Easties fans in shock as Tracey gets story after 30 years

Viewers stunned that EastEnders' legendary background artiste gets a storyline!

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Blimey, it really doesn’t take much to get people chatting on away on social media.

If it’s not someone saying something funny on The Chase, then it’s plot line in a soap that folks can’t just get their heads around.

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And this week a soap storyline had the Twittersphere chirping away like mad.

No, not the icky Bethany Platt Grooming plot line that has had viewers feeling all uncomfortable.

It was the shock sacking of Albert Square resident Tracey.

Tracey, we hear you ask?

Yes, you know, the girl (played by Jane Slaughter) who works behind the bar at the Vic but barely says a word.

Jane has been an extra on the show for the past 30 years and although her face has become very familiar, she has barely uttered an onscreen word, let alone have her own storyline.

Until now.

The very kind producers have finally decided to give the lass a storyline to have viewers gripped by.

And it’s worked, because EastEnders fans are stunned that she’s finally been given the chance to shine.

After being fired by Woody (Lee Ryan) to save money at the pub, viewers were pleased that to see Tracy finally take centre stage, though were furious to see her of out of a job after years of loyal service behind the bar!

But it wasn’t just the viewers upset by Tracey’s sacking. So too were the residents of Albert Square,

Not only was there an angry mob outside the Vic pleading for “Justice for Tracey”, even show stalwart Ian Beale took time out to pay tribute to her.

In a speech on her behalf saying he revealed that she lived in East Ham and got the bus in to work every day and that she had been through two divorces and a cancer scare.

Who’d have thought a background artiste would have had such a big backstory?

Well, done EastEnders bosses for fleshing out her character.

Shirley too was keen to offer Tracey her support, saying, “She got the bus in every day rain or shine every shift.”

Fans couldn’t believe that not only was Tracey part of a storyline, but that actress Jane had finally been given a few lines to recite after all this time.

One fan was flabbergasted and tweeted: “Wow Tracey has lines….. God damn lol,”, while another said: “Whooaaaa Tracey speaks actual sentences!!”

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But don’t worry folks, it might not be the last we see of Trace, as Vincent (Richard Blackwood) felt for her situation and offered her a job.

Will she take it? Or will Woody have a change of heart and give her her job back. We’ll have to tune in to find out.

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