EastEnders Woody’s true identity revealed?

Is he a good or bad egg?

Woody Woodward rode into EastEnders on his motorbike and quickly won over the locals with his cheeky chappy charm.

But there’s something about him we don’t quite trust, so just who is he really?

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The Carter clan were suspicious at first. Shirley in particular didn’t like the wide boy Linda had sent to manage the pub while both she and Mick are away.

None of them really trusted him, but in the last few episodes they’ve been slowly starting to warm to him – with Whitney getting really quite flirty. That is until he upset Johnny by making a bet about his pulling skills.

Dodgy bets aside, there’s still something that isn’t adding up about Mr Woodward. Is he really just there for the job? Or is there more to it?

Last night saw Shirley forge Mick’s signature and, along with Linda, secretly sign over the freehold of the pub to Max’s business associates. We all know that’s a massive mistake, and Shirley seemed to get her first inkling that all wasn’t as Max had promised too.

She wasn’t best pleased when Max informed her the new freeholders would be coming in to assess the business and suggest any changes that needed to be made. She was under the impression they’d keep their noses out of it.

Has she realised she’s just been conned by Max Branning?

Earlier in the week, Shirl was debating whether to go through with it, and it was Woody who persuaded her it was a good idea to sell.

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And when she told the family what she and Linda were planning, it was Woody who told them all it was a brilliant idea. He even managed to stop Whitney squealing the truth to Mick.

Why is he so bothered about what the Carters do with the pub? He’s there as a relief manager whether they sell or not. He pointed out to Whitney that they were both just staff – so why is he so keen to push the idea? Is he in on it with Max?

Viewers certainly seem to think so, sharing their theories on Twitter.

As well as this speculation, there’s also been news that Mick and Woody will Square up when Mick comes back to Walford. Is that because Woody’s revealed as a con artist? It would make sense.

Linda has put her trust in this guy to look after their business, but all the signs are pointing towards her having made a massive mistake.

Is Woody really who he seems? We’re pretty sure he’s not…