EastEnders: Will Whit and Lee’s fairytale wedding end in DISASTER?

Groom has been keeping a BIG secret

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If ever we were rooting for an EastEnders couple to enjoy a Happy Ever After, it’s Lee and Whitney.

Sadly this looks unlikely, as their fairytale wedding unravels into a right old disaster.

The couple are set to tie the knot in a dramatic episode airing next Friday.

And, in true soap style, it WON’T go off without a hitch.

Troubled Lee is feeling conflicted about the whole thing, wanting to show his commitment to Whitney, but not convinced they aren’t moving too fast.

“Coming up to the wedding he’s finding a lot of positives in seeing Whitney happy, and I think that’s what makes him happy,” reveals Danny-boy Hatchard, who plays the Carter lad.

“But at the same time I think he can be his own worst enemy.”

All hell breaks loose when younger brother Johnny gets wind of his brother’s niggling doubts and another major secret – and urges him to talk to Whitney, but he’s too scared about his bride-to-be’s reaction.

“If she was to find out and he was honest, I think Whitney would understand and help him deal with the situation,” adds Danny.

“If she found out via a third party I think she would feel angry and let-down.”

Is Lee hiding something else, though? At the start of the week he buys Whit an expensive present, despite being broke. Brother Johnny tries to warning him about his spending but, again, Lee buries his head in the sand.

With his mind a ticking time bomb of secrets and confusion, will Lee and Whit manage to say, “I do”?

Danny describes the day as “edgy, emotional and heartfelt,” but won’t give away the conclusion, teasing:

“I would hope Lee will go through with the wedding. It all depends what other obstacles occur in the meantime…”