EastEnders: Will Tanya and Max be reunited?

We'd love to see them reunited, not gonna lie

Of all the EastEnders ships we ship, Tanya and Max Branning will always be up there on our list.

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And there are ALWAYS rumours going around that Jo Joyner could reprise her role as Tanya at any moment.

So could there really be a Manya reunion on the cards? Er, well, it’s not looking likely tbh. Soz.

Jake Wood – who plays Max – recently told that he’s quite happy with Max being a lone wolf right now.

He said: “I think he is operating on his own at the moment. I don’t think he feels he really needs anyone.

“Obviously when I came into the show 11 years ago, I was with Joy Joyner. We had a great partnership. I miss having Jo around but at the moment, I think it’s interesting to see Max on his own.”

Jo has spoken out on the rumours she’s heading back to Walford as well.

Speaking at a press event for her new show Ackley Bridge, she said: “My mum actually sent me the picture of an article saying that yesterday!

“On my family’s WhatsApp group they were asking me was this true, and why hadn’t I told anybody!

“I love soaps and the history that characters have, and these rumours are useful to get people excited about storylines.

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“But no, I haven’t been approached by EastEnders – and I’m a bit tied up right now.”

Looks like we’ll be waiting a while for this reunion to happen then.

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