EastEnders: Who is Max Branning’s imprisoned associate?

He went to visit someone, and they clearly have a hold over him

EastEnders fans have been wondering exactly what Max Branning’s revenge plot was going to be for months now.

The show are slowly drip-feeding us information as we try to piece together the clues, and last night we met the man who seemingly cooked the whole thing up with Max.

The mysterious Chairman, was back in town and he turned up on the Square, calling Max to come and meet him.

A jumpy Mr B didn’t want to be seen with him in case any of the Walford residents put two and two together and realised he was scheming.

The Chairman was there to deliver a message to Max – which turned out to be a visiting order from his old cellmate.

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As Max headed to the prison to see him, their connection soon became clear as they embraced and the man revealed they’d once shared a cell.

It was then revealed that they’d spent their time locked up together cooking up this major plan that would see all of Walford punished for what they did to Max.

But what does this guy have against Albert Square?

The as-yet unnamed “man in prison” told Max it was time to step things up a gear.

An unsure Max questioned whether that was really a good idea – is he having second thoughts about his plot?

But his friend assured him it was time and Max replied that he was “capable of anything” when it came to the people who thought he’d murdered Lucy Beale and dumped her body on a common.

There was also another clue to what was going on last night when Donna commented that her old flat had been sold.

Has Weyland & Co bought it? Are they buying up all of Walford to then knock it all down again?

It’s looking more and more likely…

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The guy in prison looked like he meant business too. Just what will happen when he’s on the outside and teams up with Max for real?

Is Max out of his depth? Something tells us he should stop this now – before it’s too late…