EastEnders: Whitney leaves Lee

Whitney can't take any more of Lee's behaviour - are they over for good?

Lee and Whitney’s marriage was on the rocks from the day they said I do, but when he has the nerve to blame her for all their problems, Whit takes drastic action.

Absolutely devastated at her husband’s accusations, Whitney packs her bags and leaves him.

Things have been pretty bad for a while, but ever since everyone found out about Lee’s mounting debts, and Mick discovered the truth about The Queen Vic robbery, Lee knows he’s got a heck of a lot of making up to do.

He seems to be getting things back on track when he tells Whitney he’s determined to pay his family back in full and also reveals he’s got a job interview.

But he just can’t help ruining everything old Lee, and things soon take an angry turn…

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Wanting to let her hair down a bit, Whitney heads off for a girls’ night with Stacey at The Albert.

As they have a drink – and a flirt with Danny Mitchell – Whit starts to forget her troubles. But then a drunk Lee turns up, clearly missing the point that it’s ladies only.

His inebriated state causes problems when he finds out about something that happened earlier and sees red.

As the pair bicker back at home, Lee lashes out and a shocked Whit can’t believe it when he points the finger at her for all their recent problems – we can’t believe it either, what a cheek!

It’s the final straw for put upon Whitney who promptly walks out and heads straight to The Vic.

Mick’s stunned when he hears what’s happened and when Lee comes crawling to apologise, his dad takes Whitney’s side and sends Lee on his way. Good on you, Mick.

Despite Mick’s reassurances, Whitney can’t help but take what Lee said to heart, and reveals that Babe also blames her for everything.

Mick’s horrified that the family have put his daughter-in-law under so much pressure and vows to protect her. But will she go back to Lee?

Is the Carter marriage over for good? And will Mick continue to take Whit’s side if it is?

We know Lee is leaving the show this year, could his wife and family turn their backs on him and force him to go?