EastEnders Whitney and Mick to have an affair?

Say it isn't so! Will Mick really cheat on Linda?

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EastEnders fans are in uproar as Whitney and Mick Carter move ever closer to having an affair.

Last night’s visit to the Square saw the father and daughter-in-law share a very cosy moment together and get very close as they bonded over Lee’s dreadful behaviour.

Whitney’s husband had kicked off earlier in the episode after seeing her with Danny Mitchell laughing and joking in The Albert.

To be fair, Whitney was quite taken in by Danny, telling him:

“I ain’t laughed like this in ages.”

And Danny took that as his cue to kiss her! Whitney pushed him away, but that was the moment Lee entered and although he didn’t see the kiss, he was unimpressed with his wife’s closeness to another fella.

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But while Lee got drunk and told his wife she was too demanding, as well as accusing her of going after Danny, what he really should be worried about are her feelings for Mick.

Whit took Lee’s words to heart and fled to The Vic, where Mick took her side and let her stay the night in his bed.

Ever the gent, he slept on the sofa of course, but the bond between them was clear as they said goodnight and shared a look that was a little too lingering.

Fans spotted Whitney’s doe eyes straight away and they weren’t happy, with one, YM, saying the storyline brought up images of Celebrity Big Brother’s Kim Woodburn!

Others were quick to agree it wasn’t a storyline they wanted to see:

But there were a couple who weren’t against Whitney having an affair with her husband’s dad…

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With Linda currently away nursing her sick mum (while actress Kellie Bright is on maternity leave), and Lee soon to depart Walford, it’s looking every more likely Whitney will make her move on Mick again.

The question is: will a lonely Mick respond this time?