EastEnders: Was Grant behind Phil’s mystery call last night?

Could the missing Mitchell brother be returning to Walford?

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Just when we thought everything was out in the open in EastEnders Phil Mitchell takes a secret phone call and arranges to meet the mystery caller.

So who was on the other end of the phone?

After months of difficult times, things for Sharon and Phil finally seemed to be getting better.

Denise’s baby secret is out, and Phil’s had his liver transplant and seems to be recovering.

But now it seems Phil’s keeping secrets yet again after telling Sharon his mystery caller was a “wrong number”. Hmm, come on Sharon, if you believe that you’ll believe anything!

Phil called them back when he was alone and arranged to meet. But who is he going to see?

Some viewers think it might be his brother, Grant!

Michelle’s back in Walford and ever since she returned, rumours of Mark Junior’s come back have been circulating.

Mark and his long-lost dad Grant never did have that showdown after discovering they were father and son, and we’re itching for it to happen on screen.

Could Grant have asked Phil to let him know when his son was on his way back to Albert Square?

Viewers certainly seem to want it to be the other Mitchell brother:

With another, Dan Evans, hoped for the Mitchell double – Grant and Sam!

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Another theory is Phil could be meeting with his baby mamma, Denise, and someone even suggested it’s old face Beppe!

There has been talk of Michael Greco making a return to Walford, but why would he be calling Phil?

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Perhaps the most bizarre suggestion has been that it could be Roxy calling her cousin!

Some fans seem to think Ronnie and Roxy didn’t really die and it was all a big set up to fake their deaths.

Is that the reason Phil didn’t want to speak at the funeral because he knows it was all a big scam? We’re not sure how he’d have helped them at the time, given he was recovering from his transplant in a hospital bed!

There’s also talk it could have been Tony’s wife on the other end of the line. Tony was Phil’s mate who was also waiting for a transplant, but didn’t make it.

Could Phil be reaching out to her to help? And what will happen to Phil and Sharon if they get too close?