EastEnders viewers thrilled with return of two favourite characters

Some familiar faces arrive back in Walford – and a dramatic row quickly erupts

EastEnders viewers were thrilled to see two familiar faces back in Albert Square.

Stacey Fowler’s mother Jean Slater returned to Walford to make dinner for her daughter, son-in-law Martin and his sister Michelle.

Sonia Jackson, played by Natalie Cassidy, then made a dramatic reappearance. She soon got into a row with her ex Martin about their troubled daughter Bex, who is struggling with being bullied.

“She’s being bullied, that’s what’s happened. And none of you lot seem to give a damn,” she said.

“Maybe I am out of touch,” she added. “But I always thought she was safe here and now I’m not so sure she is.

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“I’ve taken my eye off her and it’s pretty clear you both have and all.

“Well, no more. I want her back, Martin. I want Bex to come and live with me.”

Viewers were delighted to see Sonia being as fiesty as ever.

“Ha! Hurricane Sonia has arrived,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “Here’s hoping she serves some justice to those creatures Jackson-style.”

Sonia hasn’t been in Walford since getting a job in Kettering – the storyline was written in as Natalie was on maternity leave. The actress gave birth to daughter Joanie Elizabeth last August.

Bex has been at the centre of some harrowing scenes as she’s been bullied by Madison and Alexandra.

Sonia is determined to sort things out once and for all – and will be seen heading to the school to deal with the bullying. She will also put Louise Mitchell in her place.

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EastEnders viewers were also pleased to see two other characters mentioned. Dot was seen telling Roxy Mitchell’s daughter Amy, and Jack Branning’s son Ricky about the story of Easter.

She then tried to offer the children some comfort about the deaths of Ronnie and Roxy.

“They’re in heaven. They’re with the angels,” she said. “And they’re always watching over you.”

Viewers were quick to express how much they missed the two Mitchell sisters, who died in the New Year’s Day episode.

“I wasn’t ready for a Ronnie and Roxy mention,” said one fan.

“I miss them,” wrote another.