EastEnders viewers SLAM latest episode

Fans aren't happy

EastEnders fans were disgusted with last night’s double bill after Jay Brown was caught chatting up underage girls again, and then Preston Cooper seduced Michelle Fowler in Sharon and Phil’s living room.

The first installment saw Ben and Jay throw a house party. As all the guests started to arrive, school bullies Alexandra and Madison turned up and Jay took a fancy to Madison.

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As he began chatting her up, he probed as to where she lived and what she did, but once again he failed to ask her exact age.

Fortunately before things went too far, his ex, Star, turned up and revealed Madison was only 15.

But fans were outraged that the show put Jay in this position again.

Taking to Twitter @ohyoufaancy said: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO there’s school kids in Ben and Jays house I swear to god if Jay gets in trouble”.

And @Shell_La_Belle added: “Wish they would just let Jay be happy”.

@icantreatyou stated: “I really really hope this Jay storyline doesn’t start up again”.

The evening’s second episode didn’t do much better in viewers’ eyes as Michelle’s underage lover Preston returned from his trip to Manchester.

As she threw her arms around him and said: “Don’t ever leave me again,” things soon got heated between the pair.

After telling her to go upstairs and have a bath, Preston stripped to his boxers and positioned himself seductively on the sofa before telling Michelle: “Let’s fumble”.

A lot of people have never been huge fans of the storyline, but this was finally too much for them.

“Please stop this horror!!! Please..” tweeted @ojaydaguistan.

And @FaceStacie said: “Literally can’t deal with Preston anymore, the accent..the acting..the short shorts in the lounge trying to seduce Michelle”.

@JadeVictoria94 agreed: “The Preston and Michelle storyline makes me cringe so hard. I can’t even watch the TV when they are on screen together [sic]”.

It didn’t stop there with @EmmaCornish95 describing the pair as “disgusting [sic]”, and @eileencum55 saying the whole thing made her “want to projectile vomit”.

And @nataliebeech98 added: “Michelle and Preston make me sick, get off my screen”.

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With Whitney’s moral reaction to Lauren flirting with the Photocopier Guy (who’s actually called Josh, it turns out) also getting viewers’ goat, it looks like EastEnders has got some work to do to get back in fans good graces.

Can they pull it back with next week’s run of explosive episodes in which Michelle and Preston’s secret is set to come tumbling out?