EastEnders viewers predict romance between Woody and Whitney

Is it a good idea?

It looks like EastEnders are lining up a new romance for Whitney Carter – with newcomer Woody.

Lee Ryan rocked up in Walford on his motorbike earlier this week as bar manager Woody, who Linda had sent along to look after the pub while she and husband, Mick, were away.

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None of the Carters were actually pleased to see Woody, with Shirley in particular being decidedly nasty to him.

But when he bought a dog toy for Lady Di’s homecoming in yesterday’s episode, Whitney started to soften towards him, telling him it was a nice thing to have done.

Now, we can see Woody’s a flirt – he made that perfectly clear when he complimented Carmel on her name. But could he settle down for the right woman? And could that woman be Whitney?

Whit’s not had much luck with men. After suffering abuse as a child, she thought she’d finally found the one when she met Lee Carter and they got married.

But Lee’s mounting debts, lies and eventual violence, led to him leaving her on Valentine’s Day. Despite the fact he did return to explain himself, he ended things with Whitney and we subsequently found out he’d moved on and found someone else already.

Fans had been calling for Whitney to get together with Lee’s friend, Moose, but now it looks like Woody’s going to be her guy.

Next week sees Woody cancel The Vic’s quiz night and host a ladies’ night instead. The locals certainly get into it with the strippers showing what they’ve got, but is Whitney impressed?

Woody tries to win her over with his cocktails, but with other things on her mind following Shirley’s shock announcement, will she swoon?

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Could he be a good distraction for the lonely Mrs Carter?

Most viewers seem to think so, heading to Twitter to say they think Woody and Whitney would “make a great couple”.

But some aren’t so keen on the idea, with one calling it “so predictable”.

Whitney has recently angered viewers by kissing Mick Carter and simpering around after him like a puppy dog.

At least a romance with Woody might put an end to that.

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