EastEnders viewers predict pregnancy twist

Is this character up the duff duff?

EastEnders fans have predicted that Lauren Branning is pregnant after she was feeling sick in last night’s episode.

Lauren’s already got one child, Louie, with ex Peter Beale, but now she’s dating Peter’s brother Steven, and he’s keen for a kid of their own.

The Branning babe, however, is not interested in becoming a mum again so soon, she wants to focus on her career.

Steven’s getting fed up with the amount of time Lauren’s spending apart from him (Credit: BBC)

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Bagging a job with hot Josh in Canary Wharf, Lauren’s spending increasingly more time at the office and therefore increasingly less time with Steven and her family.

He’s not very happy about the situation at all and this week he installed a tracker on his girlfriend’s phone so he could know exactly where she was. All. The. Time. Creepy.

He’s been trying anything he can think of to get her pregnant (Credit: BBC)

We’ve seen him piercing holes in condoms in order to try and get her pregnant without her knowing. Trust issues or what?

Trying to seduce her once again into another night of passion, Steven greeted Lauren last night in the Square with a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Lauren felt sick at the sight of his chocolate surprise (Credit)

But the sight of them was enough to make Lauren’s stomach turn and she told her other half she’d been feeling rough all day.

Seeing as Ian Beale had delightfully informed us earlier in the episode he’d been up on the toilet all night (nice) Steven suggested to Lauren she might have caught the same bug his dad has.

Has Lauren clocked on she might be pregnant? (Credit: BBC)

Hang on, Steven’s the one piercing holes in the condoms, surely he might realise exactly why she’s being sick?

Fans certainly did and went on social media to predict a baby plot to come for Lauren.

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EastEnders recently released summer trailer did tease someone going into the pharmacy and buying a pregnancy test, but they led us to believe it was teenager, Bex Fowler.

We thought Bex was buying a pregnancy test – but was that a red herring? (Credit: BBC)

Could that have been a red herring? Is it actually Lauren who’s preggers?

And how will she feel about it if she is?

She made it perfectly clear another baby was not on the cards for her any time soon, and she’s been very distant from her boyfriend as she grows closer to Josh.

With all these doubts in her mind over her relationship and being pulled towards her new life, would she keep the baby? And would she tell Steven about it if she didn’t?