EastEnders viewers plead: “Don’t do it, Jack”

Fans were devastated by Jack's heartrending decision

Goodness gracious, there really is no emotional let up for viewers of EastEnders, is there?

If we didn’t already have to contend with all that angst going on at The Vic between Mick and Whitney, then it’s poor Denise trying to find a way to scrape enough dosh together just to eat.

But across the Square, dishy Jack Branning is being put through the ringer too, which means actor Scott Maslen has had to exercise his bulging acting muscles.

Since Ronnie’s death Jack has been looking after her son Matthew (Credit: BBC)

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Fans of the show will know that since Ronnie Mitchell drowned in the new year episode, Jack has been taking care of her son Matthew, as if he were his own

And over the past five months a bond has most certainly grown between them.

But with Matthew’s biological father Charlie Cotton back on the scene looking to take back his son, Jack has found himself in a predicament.

With Charlie back on the scene, Jack thinks perhaps Matthew might be better with his biological dad. (credit: BBC)

Does he fight to keep Matthew with him or does he let his natural father look after him instead?

Well, in last night’s episode, Jack came to a heartbreaking decision and left viewers in tears.

After much deliberation, he decided that it was in Matthew’s best interests to let Charlie take his son back to Ireland.

After much thought Jack made a very serious decision (credit: BBC)

As viewers watched Jack break down on screen, heartbroken by his decision, they were fast to express their sadness too.

One moved fan said that the scene had left them very emotional: “EastEnders tonight. Now I’ve got to put the bins out crying,” one viewer tweeted.

Another fan added: “My heart is broken for Jack right now. I feel so sorry for him.”

Fans tweet that they thought Jack should keep Matthew (Credit: BBC)

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Other fans wrote how emotionally raw they felt after watching the scenes and suggested that perhaps Jack had made a mistake.

“EastEnders was so sad,” another fan tweeted.  “Jack is making the wrong decision. Ronnie would not be happy.”

Some viewers thought Matthew should stay where he is.

“Omg Jack can’t give up on Matthew he belongs with them not taken away to the middle of nowhere,” another wrote.

Can Jack actually go through with giving him away though?