EastEnders viewers outraged by Louise Mitchell’s school uniform

Soap fans were swift to pass judgment

Every school kid tries to rebel a bit when it comes to school uniform – but EastEnders fans think that Louise Mitchell has taken it a step too far.

The teenager strolled through Albert Square in a very short skirt, and viewers were quick to react.

Louise Mitchell’s school uniform drew complaints (Credit: BBC)

“Mate, louise’s school skirt is ridiculous [sic],” wrote one viewer. “NO school would allow that. Looks horrendous #eastenders.”

“Stupid skirt Louise – definitely not school regulation,” wrote another.

“Is that a school uniform? #Louise? Where’s the rest of it???” asked another, alongside an emoji of someone doing a face palm.

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“Louise actually looks like she forgot to put a skirt on #eastenders,” wrote one fan.

“Wtf happened to Louise’s skirt?! #EastEnders,” asked another.

“AS IF Louise would be allowed to wear a school skirt that short without tights, my old school would’ve expelled her,” wrote another viewer.

The uniform is the least of Louise’s problems, however, as it’s been revealed that she’s about to suffer even more at the hand of bullies.

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Cruel Keegan Baker will spread a nasty rumour about Louise, played by Tilly Keeper.

Distraught Louise strongly denies the rumour and talks to Alexandra and Madison, who of course relish the chance to make things worse.

The evil duo had already tried to split up Louise and her boyfriend Travis, the school heartthrob. Last month, viewers saw Louise collapse after Alexandra and Madison spiked her drink.

Viewers will see Louise breaking down in tears as she speaks to her friend Bex Fowler – who understand’s Louise’s predicament having suffered at the hands of the same bullies.

Louise eventually confesses all to her stepmum Sharon Mitchell.

But EastEnders fans will have to wait to find out whether Sharon’s involvement makes it better or worse.

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