EastEnders viewers in uproar over Denise’s biscuit

The unrealistic scenes have been slammed

If EastEnders fans weren’t impressed with Denise Fox’s first visit to the job centre on Monday night, they were even less so with her second trip on Tuesday.

When the kind job centre worker offered her a cup of tea and a biscuit, Twitter erupted with outraged viewers who couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Struggling Denise had finally swallowed her pride and headed to the job centre in the previous episode.

After waiting in a queue for half the day, she was turned away after being told she needed to register online and get an appointment.

She argued with the receptionist, but to no avail and ended up going home and getting to work on filling in all the forms. She managed to get an appointment surprisingly quickly, even though in real life you’d usually have to wait around six weeks.

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When she met with the job centre guy on Tuesday, she was angry and bitter with him, telling him she knew he was judging her.

But he was very patient and nice to her, explaining he just wanted to help and he understood how hard this must be. He then offered to put the kettle on and brought her a cup of tea.

Things got even better for Denise when he offered her a digestive biscuit.

Viewers immediately went on Twitter to express how “unrealistic” it was that she’d been offered tea and biscuits.

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As Denise sipped at her tea like it was the last thing she’d ever drink, she stopped and smelled her biscuit before taking a small bite.

She nibbled away at it, unsure when she was likely to eat again, and fans couldn’t help but find the whole thing hilarious.

Denise was eventually told she wouldn’t be able to claim anything for 10 weeks due to her having voluntarily left her previous employment.

As the man handed her a referral for a food bank, she insisted she wasn’t a charity case and stormed out.

But he managed to slip the leaflet into her bag and when she got home she discovered it, and her other half of the biscuit.

Will she finally admit she needs help? To be so desperate over one biscuit suggests there’s something seriously wrong here.

With a rich sister living across the Square, is it time Denise swallowed her pride and reached out?