EastEnders: Viewers in OUTRAGE over Whitney Dean’s heartbreaking miscarriage

The poor couple have gone through so much on the soap

The nation was in shock last night as viewers watched Whitney Dean and Lee Carter lose their baby in heartbreaking episode.

The programme saw a pregnant Whitney, played by Shona McGarty going to hospital after complaining of spotting.

The story-line coincides with the start of stillborn and miscarriage awareness month which would’ve been terribly difficult for some viewers.

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Both Whitney and her fiancé Lee, played by Danny-Boy Hatchard, were in bits when they were told their unborn child had “no heartbeat”.

The doctors then confirmed that she’d miscarried her baby and that she was to have an operation to make sure there were “no complications”

Viewers took to Twitter straight away to complain to writers and producers, with one user saying: “I’m so angry at EastEnders”.

One said: “That’s devastating, I really thought they’d give Whitney and Lee this little bit of happiness…”

Another added: “Awww! Whitney & Lee’s baby died very heart breaking why couldn’t they just leave her alone! #EastEnders”

This heartbreaking episode follows the news that Danny-Boy is leaving the BBC soap.

The actor Ted Reilly said he doesn’t really have much of an idea how his character will leave EastEnders.

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Ted said: “It’s sad for me personally because I love Danny-Boy. He’s still around at the moment but he hasn’t told me how he’s leaving

“He’s teased his exit a little bit, but I think he wants it to feel real when we film it.”