EastEnders viewers CRINGE at soap’s attempts to be topical

It was the second attempt this week

Soaps are filmed at least six weeks in advance of transmission, but last night’s episode managed to slip in a reference to the General Election.

One that appeared to be an accurate prediction of the outcome.

It was the hot topic of conversation in the Minute Mart, with Camel and Honey seemingly referencing Theresa May’s arrogant expectation of an easy Tory win.

Honey, who we’ve admittedly never seen as a political animal, commented that a five-year-old could have guessed the outcome.

“I thought it was always bound to be tight,” she said. “If you ask me – I thought it was all a bit predictable.”

“Predictable? She thought she had it in the bag,” responded Carmel.

Billy had been up all night watching the election action and revealed: “I can’t wait to catch up on some kip.”

Good for EastEnders for trying to keep the soap topical and reflective of our lives.

One viewer asked Twitter: “Wonder if #Eastenders filmed that little election discussion in Minute Mart today or just filmed a load of alternative versions weeks ago?”

Another queried: “So they were able to film the General Election results today? #Eastenders”

A third said: “I’m gobsmacked. EastEnders usually films weeks in advance, how did they manage to fit in results of the general election for tonight’s ep?

Er… not exactly rocket science!

The inclusion hit a bum note with some viewers, who found the shoe-horning more than a little CRINGE.

One Twitterer said: “Stop it! stop it! stop it! leave the politics it’s embarrassing #EastEnders,” begged another.

Another said: “I’m all for the soaps being up to date n topical but do we really need to listen to them talk about the election? #EastEnders”

This was the soap’s second reference to the General Election. Viewers also mocked a conversation about voting on Thursday night…

Kathy and Jane discussed how they were planning to vote (Credit: BBC)

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As it’s a BBC show and it’s against the rules to blatantly push any political agenda, a scene in which Kathy and Jane are talking about who they were planning to support, left viewers squirming in embarrassment, as neither stated which way they would be choosing to vote.

In the scene, Jane asked Kathy: “So which way are you going to swing?”

“My way, the same way I voted last time,” Kathy replied awkwardly. “Same for you is it?”

“Yeah,” Jane said.

Viewers cringed at the awkward exchange between Jane and Kathy over voting (Credit: BBC)

“And that is?” Kathy asked.

“My way,” Jane stubbornly answered.

While the exchange was awkward and far from award-winning material, fans were fast to point out that something Kathy had said didn’t quite ring true.

When she said she was planning on voting for the same way as last time, fans pointed out that the last time there was an election Kathy was believed to be dead, after she had faked her death.

This – they said – would have meant that she wouldn’t have been registered anywhere to vote and so unable to mark her X.

Kathy sais she was voting as she did last time – but at the last election sh was supposedly dead! (Credit: BBC)

“Cringing at that scene about voting – sure Kathy you legally dead for years so you’re still voting for the same party,” one Tweeter pointed out.

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“Kathy was dead in the last election though,” another  clever dick added.