EastEnders viewers convinced Bex dropped the C-bomb during rant

A polite young lady like her?!

EastEnders viewers were left shocked as teenager Bex Fowler seemingly said the “C word” in a pre-watershed episode.

The schoolgirl was rowing with her ex-boyfriend’s brother Kush Kazemi, who had come round to see her.

They were discussing his younger brother Shakil and the circulating of naked pictures on their phones which had seen them both get in trouble at school.

“I’m worried about you. And it’s partly my fault, because nothing would have happened if I’d made him delete those pictures,” he told her.

Fans were then left horrified when Bex (played by Jasmine Armfield) appeared to angrily reply, using the C-bomb!

Airing at 7.30pm, EastEnders obviously wouldn’t do this on purpose. But viewers were convinced that was what they had heard and took to Twitter to share their shock and outrage.

One said: “Did Bex just drop the C-bomb?!” while another added: “The C word on #eastenders what is the world coming to?”

Another shocked viewer asked: “Did Bex just say this to Kush surely not.”

A spokesperson for the BBC One soap confirmed that Bex had actually used the word “tramp”, rather than the four-letter expletive.

Listening back, it’s pretty clear that’s what was said.

But it’s not the first time this year the soap has found itself in trouble over bad language.

In an episode in January featuring scenes between Sharon Mitchell and Michelle Fowler, fans were shocked as the characters swore THREE TIMES, as Sharon called her husband Phil a “stupid bastard” and Michelle referred to her “arse” and “shagging” the neighbours.

If Dot Cotton gets wind of this, she’ll be washing their mouths out with soap and water…

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