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Saturday 24th August 2019

EastEnders viewers call out embarrassing mistake as Jack Branning is interviewed by police

Did the prop department have the day off?

EastEnders viewers weren't happy last night as fan favourite Jack Branning was dragged into Mel Owen's dirty little secret and agreed to lie to the police for her.

Watchers at home begged Jack not to help her as she confessed to the murder of Ray Kelly and asked Jack to be her alibi.

Yes, Jack, you DO look good in tan (Credit: BBC)

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On Tuesday (12 February), police later turned up at Jack's door asking him to confirm his whereabouts on the night Ray Kelly died - and he told a string of untruths to protect his ex-girlfriend.

(Hang on, doesn't he remember she DITCHED him for Ray?)

As Jack lied to the police and broke the law himself - not for the first time, mind - fans became increasingly distracted by an embarrassing blunder by the prop department.

Jack very slowly made a cup of tea for the officers and himself (Credit: BBC)

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Jack drinking tea and the label is still on the bottom of the mug .. or was it just me  #eastenders.

Clearly wrestling with his conscience and the fact he was about to lie to the police - his former colleagues - Jack took his own sweet time making the officers a cup of tea.

And himself.

As the questions got more tricky, Jack took a long slow swig of his hot beverage - possibly in the hope of hiding his face from the cops - but instead he revealed a lot more!

Oh Jack, what does that sip of tea reveal about you? (Credit: BBC)

That he doesn't bother to remove the shop label from the bottom of his mug! What would Hyacinth Bucket say?

As he tried to hide the truth from the police, he revealed where he'd bought his rather plain mug instead.

Was the prop manager having a day off, perhaps?

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot the blunder, with one tweeting: "Jack drinking tea and the label is still on the bottom of the mug .. or was it just me  #eastenders."

Other fans were livid with Mel and claimed Jack was being "mugged" off - so perhaps the sticker was a cryptic clue?

In the end, Jack told the police that he had been with Mel and Hunter after their ill-fated wedding and that they'd all gone for a drive together so Mel could get some "air", and Hunter could "scream".

Will the truth ever come out? And, if so, will Jack face jail for obstruction of justice by making a false statement?

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