EastEnders viewers appalled as Michelle admits to fling with teen!

Not for the reasons you might be thinking...

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With Coronation Street breaking viewers’ hearts this week, EastEnders has been turning their stomachs.

Fans of the soap are appalled, having finally discovered what big, bad secret Michelle Fowler has been harbouring since her return to Walford.

And, boy, was it big – and bad.

The middle-aged mother decided to confess her sins as she had a heart-to-heart with best pal Sharon, who was raging after discovering husband Phil is the father to Denise’s baby.

Sharon announced that she was done with Phil and wanted to return to America with Michelle.

Michelle was forced to admit that she wasn’t returning home to the States to her husband Tim.

She then began to ramble about cellulite and grey roots, adding: “I look in the mirror and there I am, suddenly 45 with bingo wings.”

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Michelle then admitted her husband didn’t want to have sex with her anymore.

“I am flabby and irritating. How do you say, ‘Why don’t you fancy me anymore?'” she added.

After insulting Sharon’s fake tan and slating life in Albert Square, Michelle stormed out to sit on dad Arthur’s bench.

Sharon followed her and what was really eating her up finally tumbled out.

“You tell me the truth Michelle… what have you done?” Shazza pushed.

“I threw myself into work, joined a choir, posted lots of pictures…” she said.

And then she revealed… “I fell in love, madly, like an idiot, like I forgot… so long being ignored… you can’t even call it cheating.

“It was like I woke up… a whole year together, we were obsessed with each other. He couldn’t keep his hands off me. It wasn’t just about sex, it was the fun, the energy. He wanted me. He turned my head.”

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And then came the shocking revelation that Michelle’s lover was her 17-year-old pupil.

Predictably, viewers had plenty to say about the episode on Twitter:

However, it wasn’t Michelle’s behaviour that most appalled them, but the quality of the acting and script…

Oh dear. It’s beginning to look as though the return of such an iconic character – with a different head – has not been the smartest move by Easties bosses.