EastEnders viewers accuse writers of “scraping the barrel” with this latest plot…

Could the changes be coming any quicker?!

EastEnders saw the great Dean Gaffney make his huge comeback as Robbie Jackson after leaving the show in 2003, but viewers aren’t convinced.

Despite him not being a huge hit, it’s tough, because he’s back full-time.

After popping in and out a few times since he left, he’s now returned to work as the market’s new enforcement officer.

Remember that time he was a road sweeper?

(Credit: BBC)

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Feisty Donna Yates is NOT going to be happy.

We don’t think his pal Martin Fowler is impressed either.

Chatting to Digital Spy before his big comeback, Dean, 39, has promised to ruffle a few feathers.

(Credit: BBC)

“I think he’s already making his mark in the sense of rubbing people up the wrong way. And again, it is typical Robbie,” he said.

“I got a script the other day and I thought, ‘That’s Robbie’, because it’s just him annoying people on the Square, and them getting their own back. So he hasn’t changed in that sense.”

It certainly hasn’t. Viewers aren’t keen, with one questioning whether he can even read.

Another said that EastEnders were “scraping the barrel now”.

Another commented on Dean’s acting ability, comparing him to a “plank of wood”.


However, many loved seeing him return to the BBC soap.

One said: “Just watching tonight’s #EastEnders. Dean Gaffney is so magnificently delighted to be back. It almost brings a tear to the eye.”

“Aww I love Robbie Jackson, about time we had some funny characters again in #EastEnders”.

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