EastEnders superfan has her homeless Ian Beale tattoo made BIGGER!

Amber-May's not embarrassed by her unusual choice of inking!

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Most people go on E4 show Tattoo Fixers to get a disastrous inking sorted out, but Amber-May Ellis had a different idea in mind when she turned up at the studio.

Amber’s original tattoo hit headlines when she had it done because the EastEnders superfan has an image of homeless Ian Beale on her thigh.

So when she turned up at the Tattoo Fixers head quarters and revealed her tattoo to them, they assumed she would want all trace of it removed.

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Artist Sketch was the first to comment as he covered his face with his hat:

“Oh my god I know who it is, oh my god that’s shocking”, he said.

Receptionist Paisley agreed, shouting: “I know who it is… it’s Ian Beale!”

Alice added: “I don’t get why he looks like that?”

Amber explained the body art was inspired by the character’s “homeless phase”.

Even though she confessed she’d been branded one of “Britain’s biggest to**ers” because of the inking, Amber-May was adamant Ian Beale’s her hero.

“If you can go from rock bottom to running three thriving businesses, that’s the kind of idol I want,” she told the aghast tattoo artists.

As they then asked her if she wanted it removing, she said she didn’t, she actually wanted it made even more prominent!

Amber-May revealed the tattoo hadn’t been properly finished, so she then asked them to put a frame round it emblazoned with the phrase: “Keep it real like Ian Beale”.

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Completely bemused by the bizarre request, Sketch agreed to pimp it up.

He added more colour, and the requested frame and wording.

Amber-May was thrilled with the finished result, exclaiming:

“Oh my god, I love it, you can actually tell it’s him now!

“I don’t even know what to say as I didn’t think it would be this good.”

We wonder who she might get tattooed on her other leg?